Top 10 Crypto Influencers of 2021

You may have been swept in by the latest bullish wave to have hit the crypto market, but do you know who to turn for advice? The Bitcoin is at an all-time high, hovering close to $42,000 in January and with it, Bitcoin’s market cap rose remarkably. Go through online broker test 2021 reviews to learn about Crypto Stocks. At the same time, you will need people who you can follow to exploit the trend; here are some of the top influencers in the crypto world today:

  1. Nick Szabo has been a cryptographer having ample research background in digital assets and contracts. He used the words “smart contracts” first and is suspected to have been close to Satoshi, Bitcoin’s creator. He is credited with the Bit Gold that appeared in 1998 but was not released officially.
  2. CryptoCred is a pseudonym that has attracted many followers because of his trading expertise. It is believed he is a trader in London who provides free technical analysis and has a You Tube channel with live streams. His free newsletter Technical Roundup is a hit with crypto enthusiasts and it is advisable to follow this influencer for his courses. There are also influencers who develop trading apps that draw the attention of young bitcoin traders. start Trading with Bitcoin Billionaire gives a pleasant trading experience and enthuse young traders to invest more.
  3. Adam Back was a part of the crypto world even before Bitcoin’s launch and was believed to be far ahead of his times. He created the Hash Cash for limiting DoS attacks and email spam. Hash Cash was later used as mining algorithm for Bitcoins and other cryptos. He shares his opinions on Twitter and has almost 230,000 followers. He investigated ways of BTC transfer through mesh networks and satellites.
  4. Andreas Antonopoulos is a Bitcoin advocate who argued for adopting cryptos in 2012 and has written many books to this effect, including the “Internet of Money”. He offers a lot of valuable information for those interested to learn about the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. He has his own podcast and continues to provide professional opinions on crypto adoption.
  5. Notsofast refers to a Twitter handle that is anonymous but has been making news for a long while now. His expertise is on altcoin mining and altcoins. He became involved when the Dogecoin was launched in 2013 and mining it was low-risk according to him.
  6. WhalePanda is a Twitter account where the owner describes himself as a crypto OS and angel investor. This account is rather active offering important crypto information like the latest events, opinion pieces, and memes to entertain its 246,000 followers.
  7. DonAlt is another of the common pseudonyms that is popular for its valuable insights on the crypto market. DonAlt has been a keen crypto trader and altcoin hunter and has his own You Tube channel that he shares with CryptoCred.
  8. PlanB is a pseudonym account who has in-depth knowhow of the Bitcoin ecosystem. It is believed he is a Dutch investor working as investment manager.
  9. Loomdart: He has also been around for many years and is popular as a meme poster. He is a college dropout who has a Twitter account that posts everything crucial in the crypto world. He posts memes for his 250,000 followers and it may be a good idea to follow this influencer.
  10. Josh Olszewicz is a crypto influencer worthy of mention who keeps his followers informed about crypto happenings and trades using technical analysis. He had speculated the Bitcoin’s astronomical rise in 2018 and inserted “33kbyJuly” tagline to his name.